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Performing under pressure can be frustrating and stressful, often leading to low performances. The pressure of competition and challenges, however, are unavoidable. They are part of our development and growth as an athlete.

This is why finding your flow is important. Pressure may be inevitable, but how we perform under pressure can vary greatly depending on our training. Once you learn to find flow when it matters most, you can enjoy being pushed out of your comfort zone and rapidly become a more capable athlete.

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About the Speaker

Cameron Norsworthy is a coach, keynote and TEDx speaker, author, and founder and CEO of The Flow Centre. He’s also a tennis player and has coached numerous athletes and World Champions.

Fascinated by experience, optimal performance, and innovation, Cameron gives immersive talks to help you understand how to integrate optimal experiences into your sport.

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“When you start professionalising your development, life has a habit of taking on a life of its own.”