You’re skilled at work but can’t keep focused. You’re not alone. 

A state of optimal performance will help you overcome the daily challenges of life and work. Learn the secret to finding balance and success by changing your mindset. 

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If you could do one thing today to improve your career or life, what would it be? As humans we want traits and strengths that we feel we lack. However the challenges of day to day life can get exhausting and not allow us to self-develop. Leaving us stressed and uncertain of ourselves.

The daily challenges from balancing your career, personal life and relationships can feel like a catch 22. These challenges create roadblocks to escape the cycle. However, you can find the tools to shift your mindset and face any obstacle. Finding your flow will help you achieve your goals and find the balance that you need.

In this video learn about:

+ Finding the optimal space for the best performance
+ Techniques used by world champions to find their flow
+ How to use your experiences for your success
+ Overcoming disappointments and failures

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"How do elite athletes become World Champions? How do leaders get the best from their members? How do we find meaning and fulfillment from our every day challenges?"

About the Speaker

Cameron Norsworthy is a coach, keynote and TEDx speaker, author, and founder and CEO of The Flow Centre. He’s also a tennis player and has coached numerous athletes and World Champions.

Fascinated by experience, optimal performance, and innovation, Cameron gives immersive talks to help you understand how to integrate optimal experiences into your sport.

I want to know how to create an optimal experience in my day to day life.

Find the Flow to achieve optimum success.

We've all had that moment where everything clicks into place—an optimal state of functioning that science calls ‘flow’. As professionals, we strive to learn and develop our skills and talents because we want to keep moving up. We work hard because we want success.  However, this isn’t always enough. Sometimes we hit obstacles within our minds. Because of these obstacles, we stagger and fall into a rut. Have you experienced this in your career?

Finding the right mindset that allows you to shift and face these challenges is extremely valuable. This is what flow is all about.

Help me find my flow

"You hold the reins to the richness of your experience in life."