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The High Performance Team Workshop

Using the science of Team Flow to create the foundations for team synergy, peak performance and success.

Only 41% of employees are achieving optimal performance – Gartner

97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project – McKinsey

86% of employees and executives cite lack of communication or collaboration for workplace failures – Salesforce

Do any of these sound familiar?

You have a team that is not actually a team, but rather a group of individuals working alongside each other – Groups often lack the identifiers of a successful team and are holding an organisation back from leveraging its true performance potential.

You have a team that has fallen into dysfunction and is not performing at its best – Teams that experience unhealthy conflict, a lack of cohesion, and an inability to collaborate end up creating a toxic work environment that falls short on delivering.

You have a new team that is still forming and storming – There is often urgency for new teams to reach high performance to meet a business goal or deliver a critical project.  But the facilitation and support to rapidly grow these teams is missing.

Teams have quickly become the backbone of our contemporary worklife. 

Subsequently the shift towards people working together has become an essential ingredient to organisational success.

Why? Because working in a team where individual skills and strengths are combined in a complimentary way can leading to extraordinary multiplier effect in performance, creativity and the bottom line.

But many organisations are finding that creating high performing teams isn’t as easy as gathering a group of technically skills people together.  In fact, many organisations are struggling to get the best out of groups and are searching for an answer on how to cohere everyones unique gifts, talents and skills to achieve high-performance.

There is another option!

When team collaboration is done right it can be one of the most exhilarating experiences leading to people loving their jobs, being deeply satisfied at work and reaping the well-being rewards from the social benefits of human connection that are scientifically proven as the best way to keep humans happy and healthy.

Organisations that promote collaboration and communication are 4.5 times less likely to lose their best employees – TeamStage


33% of employees say the ability to collaborate makes them more loyal – The Economist

Good relationships are the number one factor that lead to health and happiness – Harvard Study of Adult Development

Having the right foundations for team collaboration is essential for unlocking the holy grail of collective HUMAN performance: ‘Team Flow.’


Executives are 5x more productive in flow

McKinsey & Company


Increase in athlete results

Flow Centre


Increase in creative problem solving

University of Sydney


Increase in learning
and skill acquisition

United States Airforce




Experiential Learning

  • Experiential learning activities designed to transform the scientific drivers from theory into practice through actionable and practical replication of real-world simulations.


Science Based

  • An exploration of the Flow Code including the drivers that underpin Team Flow.


Team Dynamics

  • A deep dive into the team dynamics that are obstacles and distractions to high performance and unlocking breakthroughs to build better psychological safety and working relationships.


Performance Ready

  • Priming the team to be ready to return to the workplace with the foundations for high-performance established and a plan to start experimenting with new ways to work together so they can perform and feel at their best.

Our program is comprehensive by design to embed new habits. You know and we know that sending your managers on yet another external training provider just won’t work. We are providing a program that gets the results you need to ignite HUMAN performance in your business.

Kindle Team Flow:
The High Performing Team Worksh

A one-day workshop to introduce the building blocks that drive the phenomena of Team Flow and HUMAN performance.   The session is underpinned by The Flow Code a framework based on 50 years of scientific research on how to get people performing and feeling at their best.

The workshop outcomes specifically target:

  • Better problem solving

  • Unlocking innovation

  • Happier employees

  • Enhancing personal growth

  • Lowers the risk of burnout

  • Boosts in productivity

  • Smarter risk taking

  • Sparking creativity

  • Higher staff satisfaction.

  • Increased employee engagement scores.

  • Reduction in employee turnover.

  • Greater profitability.

  • Improved achievement of company goals.

  • Improved safety.

It has been a catalyst for our business. In a short period of time, it has championed a collaborative spirit among a diverse group of leaders, accelerating the growth and development of our business beyond our expectations. What stood out even more was the unique ability to reach individuals, some of whom were notably reserved, and encourage them to open up.  The commitment and approach have not only driven tangible results but also fostered a culture of openness and teamwork. We are grateful for your dedication and the continued support.

Michael Borg – General Manager PPS


The workshop was delivered to a varied audience at OIST from researchers to community members. The session delivered cutting-edge neuroscience on flow and was delivered in a way that was accessible to all. We enjoyed it very much and feel it has already made a difference in the lives of many of the attendees, and the group as a whole.

Dr Loretta White – OIST


You have no idea how you have enhanced my life, I really appreciate your time and expertise and what you have taught me not only for my sport but more importantly for my life. The lessons I have absorbed, in which I use daily are priceless .

Nathan Charles, Professional Rugby Player


Give your team dedicated attention

We understand that teamwork and poor group dynamics can seem difficult to breakthrough.  It’s why despite the efforts attributed to collaboration, stimulating creativity, increasing productivity, building a sense of community, and improving problem-solving, it remains an area often left to take care of itself.  


If you’re ready to give teamwork the attention it deserves, then let’s get started.


Alex Bakowski

With decades of experience, Alex has guided hundreds of professionals across the globe, leveraging her extensive background in senior executive roles and her current position as a dedicated Flow Coach at The Flow Centre. Her approach is enriched by science-backed insights into HUMAN performance, derived from in-depth studies in business, psychology, and human behaviour at leading universities. 


Cameron Norsworthy

Cameron is a global expert on HUMAN performance and flow. Scientist, author, keynote speaker, and Head Coach at the Flow Centre, Cameron has helped athletes become World Champion and facilitated many organisations to become Flow Organisations. Cameron's PhD helped to reconceptualise flow, and is consistently at the cutting edge of flow science and practice. Cameron lectures at multiple universities.



"Thank you for delivering such a great training experience for our participants. The feedback grading was very high. I hope that we can work together again sometime in the future."


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