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'Manager to Coach' Program

Transform your performance philosophy and create a culture of HUMAN performance today.

64% of employees see their performance management process as a waste of time 

14% of employees agree that their performance reviews inspire them to improve

According to Google, Coaching is the #1 attribute of an effective manager 

Organisations choose this program because: 

Managers have been promoted because they are technically good at their jobs but don’t have the coaching skills they need to unlock HUMAN performance.

Managers lack the clarity and support they need to deliver results your organisation expects of them.

The organisation have disengaged or stressed team members who are languishing in their roles and close to leaving.

The organisation wants to be a high-performing organisation, productivity and effectivity could be higher.

Performance Management in most organisations is failing. Why? Because reviews often occur once or twice a year without having any meaningful conversations.


Underinvestment in coaching skills coupled with high expectations from all sides means managers are struggling to keep their heads above water and do their jobs well.

And you should care because:

Managers account for at least 70% of variance in employee engagement scores and 71% of workers are disengaged. – Gartner

Only 1 in 5 of in Managers demonstrate a high level of talent for managing others. While another 2 out 10 show a basic talent for it - Gallup

1 in 5 employees are not getting performance conversations or feedback and it’s crushing their growth. – Betterworks

86% of employees say career and skill development and coaching are important to them but only 54% are getting it – Betterworks

71% of workers are disengaged. 48% of staff plan to look for a new role within the next 12 months. 65% of workers are stressed.

This gap between where your organisations is performing today and the true potential of HUMAN performance in your business, is an opportunity.


This program places HUMAN performance at the heart of your organisation.  We will transform your Managers into Performance Coaches so that they can support their people to become deeply engaged, motivated, satisfied, and optimally challenged; put simply, our training helps managers to facilitate others to perform and feel at their best.

Our Performance Framework is underpinned by the latest science of HUMAN performance. This program will infuse this framework into your business.


Up-skilling mangers on coaching & HUMAN performance 


Integrative steps to deliver into the workforce 


Tailored support to maximise impact 


Tailored support to maximise impact 

In an era where AI is upon us and is set to revolutionise the way work happens beyond our wildest expectations it will be our essential humanness that will ultimately drive business success into the future. The biggest potential an organisation has to drive the success of the people in their organisation is to equip managers to become coaches.

The best managers in the words are the architects of coaching conversations. They create moments where genuine dialogue can occur and where employees feel heard and important.  

Traditional performance reviews and approaches to feedback are often so bad they actually make performance worse about one-third of the time - Gallup.​

Accenture learned that 75% of its performance review process was talking about employees leaving, only 25% for actually taking to them.

The role of the manager, in short, is becoming that of a coach." Harvard Business Review, 2019.

Only 54% of managers feel confidence coaching - Betterworks


A six-month program where we use the latest scientific research and insights working with elite professionals to transform your Managers into Flow Coaches. 

We have used this approach to help athletes become World Champions, Surgeons to thrive through 20 hr operations, students to enjoy exams, and leaders to optimise the performance of their teams.  

We will take our proven Flow Code to train your managers and give them the essential skills in coaching, knowledge on HUMAN performance, and a Pathway to Performance Framework that will guide their transition from Manager to Coach.



  • The participants are provided with an understandng of Flow and how they can put their understanding into practical application.

  • By completing the training Managers will have started their journey to creating and high performance.


Online Modules

  • Access to our online Pathway to Performance Framework learning modules. This provides the manager with 'just-in-time' content when they need it most.  Each video covers one of pillars in the Pathway to Performance Framework and includes both the theory and how to translate this into practice in a series of six conversations between the Manager and the Team Member every month. 


1-to-1 Coaching

  • Three 1:1 Coaching Sessions for the Manager with a qualified Flow Coach to help the Manager reflect on their progress, work on any specific challenges and opportunities, and hone their new skills.


Insights Report

  • Feedback surveys to team members and managers to get feedback and insights to help further the learning journey.


Ongoing Support 

  • Tools and resources are included, including step-by-step guides and support materials to support the Pathway to Flow Framework. 

  • Support when you need it.  Managers will never feel unsupported with asynchronous support between sessions via Whats App.

Our program is comprehensive by design to embed new habits. You know and we know that sending your managers on yet another external training provider just won’t work. Empowering your managers to be coaches will have an outsized impact on your organisation. We are providing a program that gets the results you need to ignite HUMAN performance in your business.


The Performance Pathway

The Pathway to Performance framework is underpinned around the drivers of flow which are proven to unlock HUMAN performance and optimal experience at work.

After the initial face-to-face training, the framework is anchored around six themed coaching conversations that the Manager has with their Team Members once a month for six consecutive months. 

our difference.png

Coaching Conversations



Establishing human connection with the Team Members; forging a trusting working relationship.



Exploring the essential Human Needs that drive Motivation and creating the conditions for Team Members to be energised.


Challenge (Part A)

Helping team members increase confidence and identify and utilise their strengths.


Challenge (Part B)

Creating optimal levels of challenge for Team Members; establishing clear goals, immediate and unambiguous feedback.


Conflicts & Distractions

Identify the barriers to the Team Members performance and optimal experience and a plan to remove obstacles.



Explore opportunities to put Flow first to help Team Members perform and feel at their best.


Alex Bakowski

With decades of experience, Alex has guided hundreds of professionals across the globe, leveraging her extensive background in senior executive roles and her current position as a dedicated Flow Coach at The Flow Centre. Her approach is enriched by science-backed insights into HUMAN performance, derived from in-depth studies in business, psychology, and human behaviour at leading universities. 


Cameron Norsworthy

Cameron is a global expert on HUMAN performance and flow. Scientist, author, keynote speaker, and Head Coach at the Flow Centre, Cameron has helped athletes become World Champion and facilitated many organisations to become Flow Organisations. Cameron's PhD helped to reconceptualise flow, and is consistently at the cutting edge of flow science and practice. Cameron lectures at multiple universities.


Executives are 5x more productive in flow

McKinsey & Company


Increase in athlete results

Flow Centre


Increase in creative problem solving

University of Sydney


Increase in learning
and skill acquisition

United States Airforce




"Thank you for delivering such a great training experience for our participants. The feedback grading was very high. I hope that we can work together again sometime in the future."


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