“Every professional can benefit from a professional hand. We are born with wings but a coach can help you fly.”

Specialism: Tennis, Elite Athletes & Executives
Location: UK
Background: Sports Psychology


Elena Sosa Tejerina has been working with athletes, managers, artists, and creative minds since 2007. 
Elena is a sports psychologist and worked in the high-performance industry throughout Spain, UK, and USA, currently working with some of the best female tennis players in the world.
Elena has been a sports enthusiast since childhood enjoying skiing, running, rock climbing, sailing, horseback riding… the list goes on!
Elena underwent her Bachelors Degree in Psychology in Madrid Complutense University. She went on to study an MSc in Sports Psychology and High Performance from Autonomous University of Barcelona.
Elena is also a trained CoActive Coach through CTI. Elena has been an avid follower of the Flow Model, held flow retreats, and finds a focus on flow extremely helpful to people looking to take their lives and performances to the next level.
Elena believes in a holistic approach from a healthy mind to a healthy diet. Her inspiration is those that she works with; her drive is their improvement; and her aim is their success.

“When you start professionalising your development, life has a habit of taking on a life of its own.”

Cameron Norsworthy, CEO & Founder
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