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We have worked with people ranging from aspiring professionals to Olympic Champions to help them perform under pressure, discover deep success, and find their flow when it matters most; now it’s your turn.

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Take our online and self-paced course that provides you with a personal program for peak performance and valued certificate for performance psychology.

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Enjoy personal and bespoke coaching and training with one of our expert flow coaches.

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Receive the same training we give World Champions and elite professionals. Whether it's work, leisure, or relationship, everything's better with flow.

Learn principle elements of a Flow Mindset
A complete understanding of the flow experience
Learn about the Flow Model
Learn about how the brain works
We synthesise the science for you and deliver it in an easy to understand and relevant manner
Maintain presence and learn to manage thoughts and emotions
Develop personal rituals to be at your best when it matters most
Practice several applied skills for optimal performance
Meet our elite professionals who guide you through their experiences
Form helpful habits and reflect on key learnings within the course
Practice directing your attention, even under stress and distracting environments
Lean how to trust yourself and let go of the inner critic
Amplify your motivation, performance, and enjoyment of life
Boost your credibility with a valued certificate
Learn how to be resilient and thrive through stress
Interact and connect with a group of like-minded professionals
Get a valued certificate to add to your credentials
Gain a proven system to improve performance and life satisfaction
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You have no idea how you have enhanced my life, I really appreciate your time and expertise and what you have taught me not only for my sport and career but also more importantly for my life. The lessons I have absorbed, in which I use daily, are priceless.”

Nathan Charles
Australian Rugby Player

“I was referred to Cameron Norsworthy from a close business associate who, like me, is a ‘founder / owner / CEO’ of his own company. I am extremely happy with what he has enabled me to achieve.”

William Forwood
Group CEO, Merx

“I have studied flow for years with many of the leading teachers around the world and I have not come across language and concepts as accessible as provided by the Flow Centre. I was provided a powerful framework to create increased opportunities for flow in my work and life.”

Steve Brophy
Principal, Hedge School

“Learning about flow has been life-changing for me in all areas of life. It will give you a tried-and-tested system to use in any challenge. I wish I had started much earlier with this, because you can learn how to find flow.”

Lorraine Huber
World Champion Skier

“I knew quite a bit about flow already, but this course was the cherry on the cake. Not only theoretically but also practically. I would highly recommend this course to others.”

Govert Doesburgh
Coach, Trainer

I took the Flow Centre’s course, and was very impressed by the quality and clarity of information on offer. As a coach and trainer in leadership and professional development, I now have new information and tools to enrich my teachings. Recommended.”

Nick Kettles
Coach Trainer, Mind Coach

“I’ve rarely worked with a coach who has been able to create and maintain such a calm, safe, and supportive space from which to feel ready and able to explore and grow... a true gift that I have benefited from hugely.”

Phillipa Bray
Boots Executive

“Thanks so much! I knew it would be a good step for me and I'm happy to say that it was exactly the inspirationI needed. I am very motivated to continue my work and growth in flow.”

Josie McKee
Athlete and Trainer

Graduate testimonials

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Meet Govert

I was already working as a coach and very familiar with flow, but I was struggling to be the coach I knew I could be. I lacked a robust coaching framework and support system…

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Meet Hazel

Meet Hazel, a professional climber, mental training coach, and mindfulness enthusiast curious about flow and performance.

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Meet Valentijn

I am a coach in the tech industry looking for a comprehensive system to base my work on. I'm also a...

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Meet Elena

Meet Elena, a sports psychologist, coach, and trainer on all things performance looking for an edge...

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Meet Michael

Meet Mike, an entrepreneur looking to incorporate flow into his life and keep raising the bar personally and professionally...

Our team consists of a range of highly experienced performance coaches who have worked with over 15 world champions and countless leaders and professionals.
Our coaches cover a range of contexts and domains from elite sport to entrepreneurism.
practical coaching
Our team all have a vast practical experience in their domain. We will fit you with the best coach for your personal, professional, or business goals.
Our coaches are trained in multiple modalities to ensure your coaching is progressive and integrative. With a focus on practical success, you are in good hands.
Our coaches are not just coaches, they are also authors, scientists, PhD-level educated, and often have a distinguished background.
Our coaches have all gone through our highest level of training, and often involved in our coach training programs to stay at the cutting edge of performance coaching.


Designed for those who want to be their best, but on a budget each month.

✓ Monthly face-to-face
✓ Check-ins between sessions
✓ Additional group sessions
✓ Access to research and tools
✓ Discounts on events
✓ Discounts on events
US$495 pm
Fee = AU$695 per month
(Est US$495/€450/£377)
No lock-in contract
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Designed for those committed to their development. Kickstart package plus:

✓ 2/3 face-to-face sessions
✓ Comprehensive assessment
✓ Exclusive Q & A sesssions
✓ FREE Flow Certificate
✓ Check-ins between sessions
✓ Discounts on events
US$995 pm
Fee = AU$1345 per month
(Est US$995/€895 /£745)
No lock-in contract
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Want to go all in? Let’s customise a package just for you.

✓ Face-to-face Sessions
✓ Choose your coach
✓ All perks of other packages
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“ Thank you for helping me
find my flow again :-) ”
Sarah Hendrickson – World Champion Ski Jumpe

What is Flow?

We've all had that moment where everything clicks into place—an optimal state of functioning that science calls ‘flow’. Want to understand it?

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