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Breathing and Flow

‍Without our breath we die, and with it we thrive. We only need to hold our breath for more than 30 seconds to see how important it is to us...
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Getting into a Trance State for Flow

This is a practice that I use personally to evoke a trance state and prime myself for flow. Simply...
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Meet Hazel

Meet Hazel, a professional climber, mental training coach, and mindfulness enthusiast curious about flow and performance.

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Meet Govert

I was already working as a coach and very familiar with flow, but I was struggling to be the coach I knew I could be. I lacked a robust coaching framework and support system…

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Meet Valentijn

I am a coach in the tech industry looking for a comprehensive system to base my work on. I'm also a...

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Meet Elena

Meet Elena, a sports psychologist, coach, and trainer on all things performance looking for an edge...

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Meet Michael

Meet Mike, an entrepreneur looking to incorporate flow into his life and keep raising the bar personally and professionally...

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