Our coaches are trained through our academy, are accredited ICF coaches or psychologists, and have reached a high level of success in their domain.

Cameron Norsworthy

“Everyone deserves to perform, live, and work in an optimal manner, but not everyone is willing to be challenged to do so.”
Specialism: Elite Athletes & Entrepreneurs
Location: Australia
Background: Ex-athlete, Business, Neuroscience, Sports Psychology


"The intensity of the [flow] experience provides glimpses of perfection and beckons us to continue the search for excellence.”
Specialism: Athletes & Professionals
Location: Australia
Background: Ex-athlete, Coach, Mindfulness, ACT; Yoga & Meditation


“Finding your moment requires a solid mindset and enough mind tools to help you rise above the pressure.”
Specialism: Elite Athletes & Climbers
Location: UK
Background: Athlete, Mindfulness, Philosophy

“When you start professionalising your development, life has a habit of taking on a life of its own.”

Cameron Norsworthy, CEO & Founder
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Martijn Leonard

“To find flow we need to be flow fit. It takes practice—developing a flow mindset and working on your flow preferences!”
Specialism: Football and Athletes
Location: Holland
Background: Ex-Athlete, Football Coach, Business Owner


“Life is all about finding that moment in which we witness the world seemingly come together in flow.”
Specialism: Elite Athletes & Executives
Location: UK
Background: Mindfulness, Sports Psychology