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We are delighted to partner with the below researchers. We are all contributing to the advancement of flow science, in the search for truth. Together we are stronger.

We are currently actively seeking flow researchers to join our fellowship.

Cameron Norsworthy

Cameron's academic works surround flow and performance. Most notably a review (the largest review in flow science to date) on advancing flow science, which is published in psychology's most valued journal, Psychological Bulletin; and the development of the Psychological Flow Scale (PFS), a domain-general measurement instrument of flow. His synthesis of flow research across sciences has helped to bridge the divide across scientific disciplines.
Affiliations: University of Western Australia


Sue is one of the most cited authors on flow, most renowned for her book, 'Flow in Sports', which she co-authored with Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi. Sue has an extensive publication record on flow in sport, publishing the FSS-2 and DFS-2 scales that are widely used to measure flow. Sue has worked in academic positions in sport and exercise psychology for many years.
Affiliations: University of Queensland, Australia

“When you start professionalising your development, life has a habit of taking on a life of its own.”

Cameron Norsworthy, CEO & Founder
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