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EXAMPLE Trainers

Cameron Norsworthy
Cameron is a world-renowned flow trainer, coach, and scientist.
Cameron has been a junior British tennis player, awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize for reports surrounding flow and performance, and is a world renowned coach, having worked with numerous World Champions and high-profile leaders. Fascinated by optimal experience, Cameron founded the Flow Centre to bridge science and practice and give people the tools to manifest the life they have always dreamed of.
Sue Jackson
Sue is a world-renowned flow scientist, sport psychologist, and author.
Sue has been involved in the psychology of flow since completing a PhD on flow state in elite athletes in the early 1990s. Sue is one of the most cited authors on flow, including creating the FSS scales that are widely used to measure flow. Sue’s work in flow has helped to make this optimal psychological state understandable and more accessible to all. Practically, Sue has trained countless professionals from weekend warriors to Olympians.

"I have studied flow for years with many of the leading teachers around the world and I have not come across language and concepts as accessible as provided by the Flow Centre. I was provided a powerful framework to create increased opportunities for flow in my work and life.”

Steve Brophy
Executive & Musician

"You have no idea how you have enhanced my life, I really appreciate your time and expertise and what you have taught me not only for my sport but more importantly for my life. The lessons I have absorbed, in which I use daily, are priceless.”

Nathan Charles
Australian International Rugby Player

"Learning about flow has been life-changing for me in all areas of life. It will give you a tried and tested system to use in any challenge. I wish I had started much earlier with this, because you can learn how to find flow.”

Lorraine Huber
World Champion Skier

"Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed the course. The idea of Flow was certainly new to me, but it has improved not only my personal performance but also the way I coach others. I would definitely recommend this to anyone seeking improved performance and well-being.”

Tony Eldridge
Golf Professional

"After attending the course, I managed to identify and control or isolate many things that block and interfere with my performance. This course brought my understanding to a new level, where I am now able to navigate myself with my challenges across my life. Thank you.”

Steven Thain
Pilot & Executive

"I knew quite a bit about flow already, but this course was the cherry on the cake. Not only theoretically but also practically. I would highly recommend this course to others.”

Govert Semeijns van Doesburgh
Coach Trainer

"I took the Flow Centre’s course, and was very impressed by the quality and clarity of information on offer. As a coach and trainer in leadership and professional development, I now have new information and tools to enrich my teachings. Recommended.”

Nick Kettles
Coach Trainer, Mindfulness Teacher

"Thanks so much for the course! I knew it would be a good step for me and I'm happy to say that it was exactly the inspirationI needed. I am very motivated to continue my work and growth in flow.”

Josie McKee
Climber & Coach