This course or workshop is built to give you the blueprint and skills in how to create optimal team dynamics.

If you are an existing coach, manager, leader, or instructor, then this course will help you work get the most out of your group.

This workshop involves the latest research and practice from team flow, flow leadership, peak performance environments, and highly functioning groups.

Turn your team into a high performing team. Increase individual responsibility and reduce micro management; increase group cohesion and reduce divisive behaviour; empower your team to stretch beyond their abilities and enjoy a highly motivated workforce.

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What you will Learn

This workshop delivers the latest science and practice of high-performing teams. Learn the underpinning culture, metrics, and leadership techniques to get the best out of your team.

Cutting-edge scientific knowledge on human behaviour
A complete understanding of performing groups
Learn fundamental models that coaches and psychologists have used this past decade to achieve success
Real-life implementation within the workshop
Dedicated breakout sessions to practice and integrate the methods and frameworks into your practice
Our small group sizes allow personalised feedback and mentoring
Join a community of performance coaches and benefit from supervision and coach-to-coach learning
Evidence-based techniques and practice to takeaway
Delivered by experienced performance coaches who have a wealth of wisdom

Curriculum & Details

We examine high performance cultures and what are the core values, benchmarks, and focal points a leader needs to manage in order to ensure a high-performing culture and team.

We examine the 29 aspects that create high performing teams and breakdown over 30 years of research into a single page takeaway that can act as a blueprint for engineering optimal functioning teams.

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Course modules: 
below is an overview and the precise information may change on the live course.

Leadership and Self-Leadership

We examine the types of leadership styles that create high-performing teams.


We examine what teamwork looks like, highlighting signals and symptoms of toxic teamwork and encouraging interactions.


We look at individual, collective, internal and external factors of groups. What is leading, managing, engaging and aligning activity.

Group Flow

We examine group flow and the key pillars to creating group flow from a multitude of researchers.

We examine the 29 aspects that create high performing teams and breakdown over 30 years of research into a single page takeaway that can act as a blueprint for engineering optimal functioning teams.


We examine what a culture is and how to create a culture that cultivates individual performance, trust, safety and cohesion.


We examine how to take these skills back into the working environment. We test and role play different scenarios to better understand how to apply the learnt dynamics

Meet YoUR Trainers

Cameron Norsworthy
Cameron is a world-renowned flow trainer, coach, and author.
Cameron has been a junior British tennis player, awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize for reports surrounding flow and performance, and is a world renowned coach, having worked with numerous World Champions and high-profile leaders. Fascinated by optimal experience, Cameron founded the Flow Centre to bridge science and practice and give people the tools to manifest the life they have always dreamed of.
Sue Jackson
Sue is a flow scientist, sport psychologist, and author.
Sue has been involved in the psychology of flow since completing a PhD on flow state in elite athletes in the early 1990s. Sue is one of the most cited authors on flow, including creating the FSS scales that are widely used to measure flow. Sue’s work in flow has helped to make this optimal psychological state understandable and more accessible to all.

The quality of the coaching course was excellent. I learned so much. The practical exercises, content and one to one coaching were of a very high standard. As a parent, husband, owner of my coaching and speaking business, I thoroughly recommend the Flow Centre to you. If you are serious about becoming a coach, then enrol and enjoy the learning!

Matthew Whitfield, Lead Pilot Trainer in Royal Air Force, Coach, Speaker

"You have no idea how you have enhanced my life, I really appreciate your time and expertise and what you have taught me not only for my sport but more importantly for my life. The lessons I have absorbed, in which I use daily, are priceless .

Nathan Charles –Australian International Rugby Player

"I took the Flow Centre’s course, and was very impressed by the quality and clarity of information on offer. As a coach and trainer in leadership and professional development, I now have new information and tools to enrich my teachings. Recommended.

Nick Kettles, Coach, Coach Trainer.

"I’ve rarely worked with a coach who has been able to create and maintain such a calm, safe and supportive space from which to feel ready and able to explore and grow... a true gift that I have benefited from hugely over the past 4 months as Cameron has supported me through major life changes and given me the confidence and drive to find and stay to my true path.”

Phillipa Bray – Boots Executive

"I really loved learning from all of our guest speakers throughout the course! Each one came from such a different professional background, and added so much value...Not only did my experience with FC prepare me and inspire me to launch my own coaching services, but it also impacted my overall life, relationships, and more. I feel I became a better friend, partner, listener, communicator, etc… all through taking this course.”

Justine Patino, Coach, Executive