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Breathing Exercise

Managing our breath is a powerful tool to help us self-regulate, reset, and compose ourself towards finding flow.

As we become more aware of our breath and take the time to deepen the in-breath and out-breath, we also allow our mind and body to become deeply focused on the same act; we help deepen the mind-body connection.

Here is a simple task that has helped hundreds before you to gain control of their breath and start utilising the breath as a powerful performance tool.

1) Start by sitting down in a comfortable chair.

2) Visualise your breath as it moves in and out of your body. It helps to feel and be aware of where the air goes. How does in move in and out of your mouth, throat, lungs, stomach? For example, does it go into your upper chest or maybe your in-breath goes all the way into your stomach?

3) Practise breathing into your abdominals. As you breath in, allow your stomach to expand until it's full, then (in the same breath) allow the air to slowly fill up the lungs (from the bottom up) until there is no space left except the throat and mouth. Then as you did with your lungs, fill up the throat, and then your mouth. Once all these areas have been filled (slowly), slowly start releasing the air out in reverse order.

4) Repeat several times.

Keep practising lengthening the breath. As you spend time lengthening your breath, you awareness will begin to go everywhere and anywhere. Where possible stay disciplined and keep focusing on the breath. When you get distracted bring your attention back to your breath.

Throughout the process, allow your self to be present to the breath, nothing else. Staying present to the moment (or the 'now') is a valuable tool in any circumstance. Not only is this exercise a great tool for resetting yourself, but also a psychophysiological skill which you can use to anchor yourself to the present in a matter of seconds, no matter the situation.

For more info please get in touch, we would love to train you on more mental skills that have helped many others.

Bye for now.


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