The Flow Centre is a research and training organisation focused on flow and optimal performance within psychology, neuroscience, physiology, and sociology.

We bridge science and practice providing high quality training for athletes, professionals and organisations as well as providing ICF certified training for performance and flow coaches.


“The flow state is what takes life to the next level–for enjoyment and performance.”

Rebecca Soni
8 Olympic Medals & World Record Holder

“An exceptional presentation about flow which really resonated. Filled with evidence-based research and backed up with a few good stories!“

Kathryn Netherwood
School Principal

“Flow has a multi-faceted effect on our lives, whether it be surfing Pipeline or in our relationships. This ability to focus on the present moment, free from distraction, is paramount.“

Tom Carroll
World Champion Surfer

“We had the pleasure of inviting Cameron to speak on the TEDxUWA stage. He did an incredible job, of not only captivating an audience, but by inspiring them to change.”

Leanne Jiang
President and Founder TEDxUWA

“You have no idea how you have enhanced my life…what you have taught me is priceless.“

Nathan Charles
Australian Rugby Player

“Thank you very much for facilitating our innovation workshop recently. An excellent structure and environment for our team to engage and maintain maximum productivity.”

David Scott
Group CEO


Train your mind like a world champion!

Want to raise your mental game? The Flow App gives you the same training we give to world champions. Absorb the latest science, practice proven skills, enjoy targeted meditations, and gain access to exclusive events and a thriving community. Learn how to be your best today.

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Course Starts May 2023 - Limited Seats

Are you looking to become a professional coach?

Become an accredited performance coach with our ICF accredited (ACTP) Flow Coach Accreditation and get everything you need to help others be their best.

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50 years of Flow science

Executives are 5x more productive in flow
McKinsey & Company
Increase in athlete results
Flow Centre
Increase in creative problem solving
University of Sydney
Increase in learning
and skill acquisition
United States Airforce