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Congruency and Flow

Flow has been described as 'when thoughts and actions are occurring in complete synchronicity'; 'everything feels right, as if it was destined to be'; 'every cell in my body was focused on what I was doing'; amongst many other similar descriptions.

Regardless of the varied descriptions, there is little debate that when we are in flow, our mind and body is working as one, everything aligns and we become more powerful, more creative, more efficient, and everything we do seems effortless and easy. In flow, we are in total congruence, internally, and externally with our surroundings.

High congruency is a powerful force when we see it in action. It helps create a channel for flow; a coming together of parts, aligning all our energy outputs into one channel. When people are congruent with the different aspects of their lives, their energy levels are higher and luck often seems to flow their way.

So what is congruency?

If we think of it as a car journey, congruency can be far easier to understand. If different aspects of our lives are conflicting, they act as traffic on our journey. If we don't believe in our goals, then we journey without a clear map often getting lost in smaller and narrower roads. If we have others in our life that don't agree with what we are doing or adding negativity to our journey, they act as sharp bends and difficult landmarks we need to navigate around, often lengthening our journey. If we are going through a troublesome healing process, they act as roadworks on our car journey. If we allow many distractions into our life, then there will be many distracting sign posts and intersections on our journey. If we have a lot of noise in our mind and suppressed emotional energy, they act as bad weather, making our journey challenging. And so on.

A car journey with traffic, small roads, lots of detours, roadworks, multiple intersections, and bad weather can be a nightmare and make our journey troublesome and difficult to reach our destination (or goal). However, if we have none of the above, we have an empty highway with few restrictions or interruptions allowing us to get to our destination very quickly. When our highway is clear, we have congruency, and may already be in flow.

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