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Neuroplasticity and Brain Training

The subconscious mind is an incredible entity with talents we are only beginning to understand. It is highly adaptable and surprisingly flexible in more ways then we can fathom. To use an IT analogy, we are born with our hardware but grow up installing different programmes within our program, but ultimately we are our own architect and can choose what software we want to run. We sculpture our lives by the software and programs we run, so why do we not pay more attention to how we wire our brains.

The body is coordinated and driven by neural control. our nerves run through our muscle mass stimulating and firing signals to activate specific muscles and fibres at precise times to achieve exact functions and movements. Our nerves combine to make neural circuits allowing signals and messages from the brain to flow more efficiently. With repeated messaging and traffic we create neural pathways that act like motorways or highways allowing the traffic of signals to flow faster. These pathways shape how we move, act and think. In turn we can alter these structures through thought, action and belief.

When we are in flow, our subconscious is using these neural pathways to perform the actions it is required to do. Conscious thought often interrupts our state of flow and sending different signals through our neural connections, disrupting the traffic flow and resulting in behaviour such as tight muscles, choking or confusion. Just as we can alter our flow negatively we can change our subconscious processing through repetitive conscious thought. By repeatingly interrupting unwanted behaviours such as mal coordination with new messages of coordination, we create new signals, new circuits and new neural pathways. Eventually when the body uses the new pathways more frequently, the old pathways become redundant and therefore inefficient and consequently seize to be used. Changing behaviours is often about learning new ways to adapt and behave rather than focusing on changing the old.

The mind body connection has been used to change personal history, cure patients from diseases only thought to be curable by modern medicine, and increase the speed of rehab. We often hear the term, 'use it or loose it', referring to using the brain or allow it to become lazy and use simpler neural pathways. The brain is like a muscle it needs training if we are to use it for a particular aim. We are very lucky in that the subconscious is far more creative and intelligent than we will ever give it credit for. If we can alter our conscious attention to dedicate time to directing the required training of the brain, it will respond ten fold. If we ask our mind and body to create a state of flow and perform as it best knows how, it will. Sometimes we need to take responsibility, become our own master, and use the conscious brain for its original purpose, to direct the subconscious. Like all great leaders if we understand our limitations, and allow ourselves to trust our team, the unit will perform more powerfully. If we have the maturity to let go and trust our more powerful and creative processing unit of our subconscious, it to will respond.

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