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Flow Leadership Principles Workshop

Proven to Perform: Using the science of flow and optimal performance to get ready for the future demands of leadership.

Leadership is evolving

In today's business world, characterised by its high complexity and rapid change, navigating the corporate landscape can often feel akin to driving through fog at an accelerating pace.


This environment calls for a new paradigm of leadership, a necessity that many organisations are finding themselves dramatically underprepared to address. Statistics paint a stark reality: over 60% of the workforce is disengaged, pointing to a widespread failure to fully harness the potential and capacity of people at work.

Leadership for a modern era

Contemporary challenges, such as managing hybrid work, navigating digital

transformation and leading in times of volatility, are often inadequately addressed, as such the traditional modalities of leadership are increasingly being called into question.


Most organisations are aware of the leadership challenges they face and that are detrimentally impacting performance.  The efforts to rectify the challenge are evident in the staggering $60 billion that is spent globally by businesses on leadership development programs.  However, this considerable investment often fails to yield the expected rewards.


In fact one estimate suggest that only about 10% of spending on corporate leadership training delivers tangible results. 

Only 41% of employees are achieving optimal performance – Gartner

48% of staff plan to look for a new role within next 12 months – Gallop

65% of workers are stressed – Gallop

Where is the gap?

The problem is that most organisations haven’t done the work to develop a leadership philosophy.  A framework that covers the key leadership principles that guide how all leaders in the organisations show up every day and lead. 


A clear and articulated leadership philosophy is a powerful tool that anchors the organisations culture and ensures that any leadership development is anchored to what actually drives HUMAN performance and engagement for the organisation.

A leadership philosophy proven to perform

Flow Leadership stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a fresh perspective perfectly aligned with the challenges of our times. It advocates a transformation of organisations into dynamic performance systems, where leadership is not a centralised authority but a distributed capability, and nurturing growth is a priority for all.



Built on decades of scientific research and insights gleaned from working with elite

professionals, Flow Leadership seeks to unlock the systemic code that allows all professionals to be their best. It moves beyond traditional leadership models focused on personal attributes or task execution. Instead, Flow Leadership fosters principles and practices that enable both organisations and individuals within them to reach their full potential.

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Executives are 5x more productive in flow

McKinsey & Company


Increase in athlete results

Flow Centre


Increase in creative problem solving

University of Sydney


Increase in learning
and skill acquisition

United States Airforce



Proven to Perform: Flow Leadership Principles Workshop Series

For over twenty years we have been researching, practicing, and coaching flow principles. We pioneered the profession of Flow Coaching and continue to set the industry standards. Flow Leadership has been an instrumental part of all our work and when integrate creates powerful results.

The Flow Leadership principles offers leaders directives that will create cultures, values, and drivers that are proven to facilitate flow

What happens in the program?


3 Workshops

  • 3 x 90-minute workshops facilitated by a Flow Coach who is an expert in HUMAN performance, Leadership & Flow.

  • Option for sessions to be completed in person, via Zoom or for all three sessions to be combined to form the content for a Leadership Team Meeting or Team Offsite.


Scientific Updates

  • An education on the theory of Flow Leadership and the latest scinee and practice of optimal performance in the workplace.



  • Time and space for your team to make sense of each topic and be facilitated to have dialogue about how each principle applies to the organisation’s unique context.


Ongoing Support 

  • Develop an action plan so the principles can be put into practice and start to change the way leaders in the business approach their roles and interaction with others.

  • A documented Flow Leadership Blueprint that becomes the foundation for all future leadership initiatives and enables leadership development programs to be cohesive and deliver value.

Have questions?

Get in touch and we can connect and discuss if this program is a fit for you.

Become a Flow Leader

A contemporary leadership that offers a fresh perspective perfectly aligned with the challenges of our times. It advocates a transformation of organisations into dynamic performance systems.

Flow Leadership is fundamentally about helping individuals achieve their optimal state of functioning, flow, at work.  It invites leaders to transcend traditional leadership practices, integrating professional coaching skills underpinned by the principles and practices of flow.

  • Capability Uplift of Managers

  • High Performance Culture

  • Flow-First Mindset

  • High Engagement & Satisfaction

  • Achieving Organisation Goals

  • Acting as a Learning Organisation

  • Low Turnover

  • Reduced Stress & Increased Well Being

  • Become an Employer of Choice

  • Increased Organisational Performance

  • Leadership as a Distributed Competency

  • Increased Innovation

  • Improved Psychological Safety

  • Greater Levels of Trust

  • Unlocking Full Potential of Workforce

  • Improved Decision Making

It has been a catalyst for our business. In a short period of time, it has championed a collaborative spirit among a diverse group of leaders, accelerating the growth and development of our business beyond our expectations. What stood out even more was the unique ability to reach individuals, some of whom were notably reserved, and encourage them to open up.  The commitment and approach have not only driven tangible results but also fostered a culture of openness and teamwork. We are grateful for your dedication and the continued support.

Michael Borg – General Manager PPS


The workshop was delivered to a varied audience at OIST from researchers to community members. The session delivered cutting-edge neuroscience on flow and was delivered in a way that was accessible to all. We enjoyed it very much and feel it has already made a difference in the lives of many of the attendees, and the group as a whole. Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology


Thank you for delivering such a great training experience for our participants. The feedback grading was very high. I hope that we can work together again sometime in the future

Australian Institute of Management


Alex Bakowski

With decades of experience, Alex has guided hundreds of professionals across the globe, leveraging her extensive background in senior executive roles and her current position as a dedicated Flow Coach at The Flow Centre. Her approach is enriched by science-backed insights into HUMAN performance, derived from in-depth studies in business, psychology, and human behaviour at leading universities. 


Cameron Norsworthy

Cameron is a global expert on HUMAN performance and flow. Scientist, author, keynote speaker, and Head Coach at the Flow Centre, Cameron has helped athletes become World Champion and facilitated many organisations to become Flow Organisations. Cameron's PhD helped to reconceptualise flow, and is consistently at the cutting edge of flow science and practice. Cameron lectures at multiple universities.



"Thank you for delivering such a great training experience for our participants. The feedback grading was very high. I hope that we can work together again sometime in the future."


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