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Siebe Vanhee

“My goals? Pushing my climbing skills as a big wall climber. Climbing harder and more difficult big walls in a good style. Ground-up, doing pushes, onsights, one-day ascents, first free ascents in altitude, …”



Siebe Vanhee, the Belgian Big Wall Climber, is known in the climbing community for his ability to climb on his maximum limit on the hardest big walls and in the most uncomfortable environments. He will perform his hardest climbing grades on a big wall, in the cold and if some storm is rolling in, he climbs even better. The combination of adventure, out of comfort and heady, hard climbing is what he is searching for. Siebe has climbed first ascents and first free ascents in the most remote places on earth, searching for adventure and companionship with his teammates. Since 2019 his focus shifted from adventurous big walls to hard multipitch climbing.
Siebe experiences two main drivers that kept him interested in this sport; “the climbing itself and the lifestyle and community. Climbing hard, training and pushing my own limits physically as well as mentally on one side. On the other hand; traveling low key, finding your path as a dirtbag in between the other climbers, getting to learn new languages, sharing stories and getting into discussions about the values in climbing and life. In the end it’s been about self-development and interaction with my environment.”

All photos by Alex Eggermont

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