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Become a  Coach

Transform lives by transforming your career

Need the confidence, certification, and proven system to transform HUMAN performance? 

Our training gives you everything you need to be a coach and expert communicator. Whether you are a leader, manager, or aspiring coach, the Flow Coach Accreditation gives you the practical playbook that we use everyday with elite professionals.


Our small cohorts and expert teachers will ensure you are both well-informed and confident to work with others.

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There are two levels to becoming qualified. Both levels are ICF certified.


In the Flow Coach Accreditation LEVEL 1 you will learn the foundations of coaching and how to integrate performance coaching skills into your practice. In graduating LEVEL 1, you become a Flow Practitioner.


In the Flow Coach Accreditation LEVEL 2 you learn the advanced aspects of HUMAN perofrmance, how to coach professionally, and our flow coaching practices. In graduating LEVEL 2, you become a Flow Coach.

Whilst you can upgrade from LEVEL 1 (Flow Practitioner) to LEVEL 2 (Flow Coach) at a later date there are multiple benefits from doing LEVEL 1 and 2 as part of the same course.  

Flow Practitioner

Become a Flow Practitioner and learn how to advance HUMAN performance.

Join the Flow Coach Network and build opportunities in your career

ICF accredited to Level 1 (ACC level).

•  Core Coaching Skills

•  40 hrs Face-to-Face

•  Advanced Listening

•  Advanced Questioning

•  Coaching Authority

•  Stress Theory & Practice

•  Peak Performance

•  Psychological Interventions

•  Coaching Mindset

•  Integrated Practice

•  Achievement Approaches

•  Goal-Setting

•  More

Flow Coach

Become a fully qualified Flow Coach and learn how to transform lives.

Benefit from working with the Flow Centre and higher ICF and FC credentials.

ICF accredited to Level 2 (PCC level).

•  Flow Practitioner +

•  ICF PCC Level 2 (154 hours)

•  100 hrs Face-to-Face

•  Flow Coaching Playbook

•  Advanced Psych Models

•  Neuroscientific Theories

•  Professional Competencies

•  Organisational Coaching

•  High Performance Models

•  Advanced Coaching Skills

•  Career Development

•  Mentoring

•  More

Level 2 consists of over 40 hours of face-to-face sessions and 25+ hours of self-paced learning. It includes all the basic  you need to know to start practicing the art of flow coahing. The course is typically delivered over 8 Sessions over 3 months or as a 5 day workshop.

The Flow Coach Accreditation consists of over 100 hours of face-to-face sessions and 60+ hours of self-paced learning. It includes everything you need to know and all the experience you need to be a competent coach. The course is typically delivered over 20 sessions within 5 months.

What's Included?

Receive the same training we give to our coaches who help world champions and elite professionals achieve success.


Whether you want to work in business, sport, or lifestyle domains, these courses will give you the embodied skills to set you up for success.

This course is delivered in English and there are no prerequisite requirements or qualifications for course entry. Though we do run interviews to ensure that you are a good fit.

The Flow Coach Accreditation is facilitated by our training director and guest speakers who are experts in their field. 


This course includes content from postgraduate coaching, psychology, NLP, counselling, and neuroscience courses. Invest in your future with over 75 modules of exceptional content.

You will get constant practical feedback in almost every session. You will be coaching others from day 1, practicing what you are learning and embedding your new-found skills. 

Become A Member 

The course is just the beginning. We want to see you thrive personally and professionally and are here for you well beyond the course.

  • Join a community of coaches

  • Ongoing supervision

  • Get listed as a Flow Coach

  • Mentoring

  • Business advice

  • Daily training to use with your clients

  • Work opportunities

  • Specific intervention trainings

  • ICF membership requirements

  • Exposure through Flow Centre Channels

  • Collaborations

  • Deliver Flow Centre workshops

  • Exclusive Flow Centre App

  • Accredit organisations in HUMAN Performance

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What is a FLOW COACH?

Flow Coaching is a subset of coaching, specifically focused on the optimal functioning in teams and individuals. Flow Coaches are responsible for ensuring people and teams can flourish.


A Flow Coach is a professionally trained and accredited Flow Coach who helps organisations, teams, and individuals adopt flow principles and values through integrating flow practices and methods.

What does a FLOW COACH do?

A Flow Coach is a trained flow specialist who facilitates the achievement of client-led goals and solutions, whilst maintaining a coaching and flow approach.

What Others Say

“The quality of the coaching course was excellent. I learned so much. The practical exercises, content and one to one coaching were of a very high standard. As a parent, husband, owner of my coaching and speaking business, I thoroughly recommend the Flow Centre to you. If you are serious about becoming a coach, then enrol and enjoy the learning! ”

Matthew Whitfield, Lead Pilot Trainer in Royal Air Force, Coach, Speaker

Meet Your Trainers



Cameron is a world-renowned flow trainer, coach, and author.

Cameron has been a junior British tennis player, awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize for reports surrounding flow and performance, and is a world renowned coach, having worked with numerous World Champions and high-profile leaders. Fascinated by optimal experience, Cameron founded the Flow Centre to bridge science and practice of flow to give people the tools to manifest the life they have always dreamed of.



Sue is a flow scientist, sport psychologist, and author.

Sue has been involved in the psychology of flow since completing a PhD on flow state in elite athletes in the early 1990s. Sue is one of the most cited authors on flow, including creating the FSS scales that are widely used to measure flow. Sue’s work in flow has helped to make this optimal psychological state understandable and more accessible to all.


A training that comes ICF accreditation and a proven method to help your clients be at their best.


International Qualification

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