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A summit aimed at helping rock climbers (but relevant to any athlete) of all levels enhance their mental game. Learn valuable insights and strategies from three renowned experts and empower yourself to improve your mental resilience, manage fears, perform at your best in challenging situations. Featuring panel discussions and a Q&A with Hazel Findlay, Arno Ilgner, and Cameron Norsworthy, this summit covers a range of topics, including understanding mental training, fear, mindset, and performance. Sign up now to learn how mental training can improve your confidence, focus, enjoyment, and overall performance on the wall. Don't miss this opportunity to raise your mental game in rock climbing! MEET THE SPEAKERS *HAZEL FINDLAY* Professional climber and coach, Hazel is widely recognised as one of the best female climbers of our time. Often delivering keynotes on how to build a relationship with fear, she is a mindset coach and the founder of Strong Mind Climbing. *ARNO ILGNER* Arno is the founder of "The Warrior's Way®" and has helped rock climbers an non-climbers for decades to improve their mental fitness by sharpening their awareness, focusing attention and understanding their athletic (and life) challenges within a coherent, learning-based philosophy of intelligent risk-taking. *CAMERON NORSWORTHY* Flow Centre founder, scientist, ex-athlete, renowned performance and flow coach, Cameron will guide us through the latest science and practice on how to raise your mental




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