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Is it time to put flow as a priority?

We strongly believe that inner experience, personal performance, and creating a meaningful life matters. All of which comes more and more into focus, when we prioritize flow. This is why we have launched the Flow Conference 2022.

A good crisis is the perfect time to reflect

Since the pandemic, the world has gone through extraordinarily difficult times, mounting global issues such as increasing climate impact, economic instabilities, and even war.

Most of us are still recovering from the after effects of the dramatic changes in our daily lives. In such challenging times, it is essential that we keep enhancing our agility, exuberance, inner experience, balance and wellbeing, so that we can be strong and support the people around us.

A good crisis is also the perfect time to look closely at our lives, reflect, strategize the trajectory of what we desire our life to be, and above all, realize the fragile nature of it. If we put in enough effort, we can come out physically fitter, mentally more stable, energetically stronger, and emotionally more balanced.

Let’s flick the switch and focus on how we can help others

Part of our mission at the Flow Centre is to give you the tools to not only help yourself but also help others as you lead, manage, parent, and work alongside your colleagues. We aim to make the world a little bit better by enabling people to enhance the quality of their experience, to improve performance and ignite meaningful and fulfilling lives. We support you on that journey in a variety of ways such as educational blogs, webinars, podcasts, courses, personal coaching, educational materials, events, and even retreats.

Creating space and time to stay up-to-date

This year we added something entirely new to our mix. We are hosting a two day conference on flow. Our aim is to create a regular space and time each year so that we can all stay up-to-date and bring together different sciences and domains.

This year's edition will focus on all of you who work professionally with other people in finding more flow. We are bringing together experts to create a community for sharing knowledge, and to offer practical tools, insights, and inspiration to allow us all to work better with others.

What inspired us?

The desire to spread the word about the power of flow - recognising it, facilitating it, and the benefits to be derived from it. And how active professionals can use a range of tools and techniques from complementary fields to help others use flow to improve performance, enhance their wellbeing and evolve as human beings.

We want to hear from you

We have designed this conference to give you some of the latest science and practice surrounding optimal functioning from a range of specialist speakers, however, we want to also hear about what you would like to see, hear, and feel at the conference.

So, don’t be timid and contact us with what topics you would like to hear about, who you would like to hear from, and any ideas that you think would advance the conference experience.

Thanks for tuning in. We hope to hear from you soon!

Valentijn and the Flow Centre Crew.


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