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Zoe Hart

“Learning about flow has been so useful for connecting the dots.”



Zoe is a multifaceted adventurer and professional who has dedicated her life to pursuing a wide range of outdoor activities and pushing the limits of what is possible. She is a mountain guide, climber, skier, kite surfer, skateboarder, storyteller, activist, environmentalist, writer, mother of two, avid reader, and aspiring painter. Born in New York City and raised in New Jersey, Zoe discovered a passion for alpine adventures and abandoned her traditional lifestyle and division one sports to become the fourth American female IFMGA certified mountain guide. She has lived in Chamonix, France, for over 20 years.

Throughout her adult life, Zoe has embraced the joy of adventure and the unknown, excelling in roles such as teacher, guide, leader, facilitator, producer, speaker, and founder of non-profits. Her journey has been marked by first ascents on icy north faces, marathon mountain climbs, and family adventures. She has broken down gender barriers and initiated environmental projects, demonstrating her skills in community building, networking, project management, and inspiring others.

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