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Elena Sosa

Meet Elena, a sports psychologist, coach, and trainer on all things performance.

When we met, Elena was a full-time sports psychologist working with top athletes, specialising in tennis players. Elena, is Spanish, although lives in London, and has since gone through all levels of our training and now a facilitator on our programs.

My main goal was to learn and to meet like minded people. I wanted to learn more about Flow. I want to be involved in a community and tribe to share and discuss about the topic.The Flow Centre seemed like the ideal platform to do this.- Elena Sosa

So why did you choose the Flow Centre?

I have been passionate about Flow since I started studying performance-related topics. During my Master's in Sport Psychology, I read Csikszentmihalyi’s book on flow, which ignited my enthusiasm for the subject. Ever since, I have been hungry to learn more.

Flow was also highly relevant to my work. In my first job, I was surrounded by athletes. I was working in a high-performance institute with 101 athletes from 32 different sports. I was very curious about how people find flow and how extreme sports athletes seem to find it easier to find flow. I wanted to learn what’s behind those types of athletes, and what helps them to perform so well considering the risk.

Why the Flow Centre? I guess it all started when I met Cam. He shared his vision, and I just loved it. He was inspiring, and he spent time listening to my ideas. I could see his passion about making the Flow Centre into an entity that can help others. There are so many great people behind the organisation and so much hard work invested in making it happen that it just ‘flowed’.

What did you learn / what had an impact?

Aghhh, there is so much! I met like-minded people, listened to top performers and academics, and had the time to talk to them and ask them questions. I got a very deep knowledge about the topic in a very practical way.

Of course, a major impact has been learning many practical exercises that I use all the time and that I can also use with my clients.

So, how has learning about flow improved your life?

My awareness of flow has made a big impact. Being present to and with it has helped me find it in practice. Learning about flow has also improved my ability to be present and mindful of the situation.

Learning about flow has translated into all areas of my life. I implement it in my everyday tasks and am always looking to apply theory to practice.

I am very happy to have my tribe of flow seekers and this gives me pride, being part of the Flow Centre community is very rewarding. I believe learning about flow has given me a niche, when people think about flow, they think about me :-)


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