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Meet Justine, a marketing executive, hula hoop professional, and life coach.

When we met Justine, she already had a colourful background and was clearly passionate about flow. Justine completed the Flow Diploma and Coaching Diploma.

Before starting with the Flow Centre, I was looking for a way to not only better understand the scientific/psychological aspects of the flow state for my own knowledge, but also how to pass this knowledge most effectively to others and help people experience a more fulfilling and rewarding life. - Justine

So why did you choose the Flow Centre?

I chose The Flow Centre because they stood out to me as being an authority on the subject. The contents of their program were thorough and all-encompassing, and while reviewing the course outline, I felt confident that it was just what I was looking for! ‍

What initially drew me to the Flow Centre was the wealth of educational information on the website. Having already read Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, I had a bit of understanding on some of the principles of flow but wanted to go deeper. When I stumbled upon FC’s website, I found lots of credible references to additional studies as well as references to the foundational knowledge I was familiar with, and I felt immediately like I was in the right place. I knew I could learn so much from FC’s experts!

What are some key takeaways that you took from the training?

It's so hard to choose!  I think my biggest takeaways from this experience were the importance of process goals vs. outcome goals; learning how to engage the implicit system of the brain; and how to work with flow on an energetic level through visualization, mind-body connection, etc.

‍Coming from a yoga and spiritual background, I personally loved learning about the more intangible elements of flow (as you can probably tell from my previous answer!). As we moved through the course, I found myself integrating a lot of this knowledge with things I’ve learned through yoga and meditation training as well. It was very affirming to be able to see firsthand how it all overlaps and works together, and that made me even more confident about my direction.‍

‍I also really loved learning from all of our guest speakers throughout the course! Each one came from such a different professional background, and added so much value to the experience not just individually, but by collectively demonstrating how flow is so widely applicable and beneficial to people from all walks of life.

So, how has learning about flow improved your life?

Ultimately, I felt inspired and motivated, like I had a renewed and expanded perspective on life. I also felt a sense of clarity regarding my purpose in the world.

Not only did my experience with TFC prepare me and inspire me to launch my own coaching services, but it also impacted my overall life, relationships, and more. I feel I became a better friend, partner, listener, communicator, etc… all through taking this course.  I am more aware of my own flow abilities, and actively seek it out in as many environments as possible.

I definitely feel I met my intentions with the help of TFC.  Above all else, I began this experience hoping to be able to share flow with others, and while I certainly do feel prepared to do that and have taken steps to launching a flow-based business, I’m actually more grateful for the ways TFC has impacted the other areas of my life.  I couldn’t be happier with the outcome — I feel more in tune with my own understanding of flow, and I know having this knowledge will help me expand far beyond my initial goals.

Since working with TFC, I feel my whole life path has changed, becoming more centered around flow itself!  From large scale decisions to small interactions, I am tapped more into my intuition, and seek flow wherever it can be found!


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