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Meet Mike, an entrepreneur looking to incorporate flow into their life and keep raising the bar personally and professionally.

Mike has been an entrepreneur for over a decade selling online products globally. Being a business owner, he has been involved in public speaking, management, and balancing the demanding life of an entrepreneur and his own well-being.

So why did you choose the Flow Centre?

I chose to come to the Flow Centre because of the credibility and the history that the instructors have. I really wanted to tap into people who have not only done the research but also worked with high-level athletes to incorporate flow into their life, so that I could do it myself, not being an athlete but as a knowledge worker.

In my work starting companies, I find that being able to tap into flow is an incredibly important resource. And I wanted to be a part of a group who's going to prioritize that and help me integrate it into my life.

What are some key takeaways that you took from the training?

The goals I had within the course were to figure out how to bring more flow into my life on a day-to-day basis. To really understand the mechanisms of how flow works so that I could learn how to optimize my lifestyle to get the most flow out of it. In order to both increase productivity but also increase enjoyment and satisfaction with my day-to-day. This certainly has been achieved.

Some of the key takeaways I got from taking the course were really understanding the fundamentals of flow. I think finding flow and improving performance, productivity, and fulfillment in life is a very individual thing, but understanding the key things that tend to be part of the flow formula for everybody has been amazing and really helpful. It has helped me be able to play with those variables and figure out what works for me personally.

How has learning about flow improved your life?

I found this course to be very helpful. It has grown my knowledge base of understanding the research behind flow and figuring out new ways to incorporate it into my own life. And I've noticed a difference in just my day-to-day productivity. Being able to sit down at a computer and tap into some of these principles, I've noticed alot of differences, most of all an effect of deepening my relationship with flow.

I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone else who wants to get more flow in their lives.


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