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Helping you and your business grow.

Are you a founder dreaming of scaling your business to make an impact on the world?

But right now, you're frazzled and frantic, spinning all the plates.

You keep telling yourself, "If I take on more myself, maybe things with turn around."

In reality?

You're stuck in survival mode.

You constantly question whether you can pull it off, and your confidence feels like a facade.

You long to feel energised in the uncertainty, courageous in your actions and focused on the things that matter.



Founder  Coaching
with Alex

The ultimate coaching experience to help founders shift from feeling chaotic to purposeful.

We'll get to the heart of what is holding you back, discover what optimal experience is for you and transform you into a state of being where you can realise the impact you want to have on the world.

If you're ready to scale your business and want to be the superpower behind your growth, this is the coaching for you.

This journey will transform you from a startup hustler to the CEO of a thriving organisation.

Opting for me as your coach means choosing someone who has lived the transformation they advocate. I offer a unique blend of academic depth, practical wisdom and a genuine passion for humans at their best.  My holistic approach will aim to make both your professional and personal experiences extraordinary.

HUMAN Performance Expert: I blend my rigorous background in academic study with over two decades of practical experience in the workplace to help unlock the hidden potential in individuals, teams and organisations. My coaching focuses on helping people feel and perform at their very best. 


Qualified Flow Guru: My integration of Flow theory into practice ignites HUMAN Performance.  Know for my hands-on approach I collaborate closely to create an optimal experience for you where it matters most – in real-world action.

Organisational Dynamic Insight: Climbing the corporate ladder from grassroots to executive levels has forged firsthand experiences of what makes businesses tick.  I have learnt the rules about how organisations really work across diverse landscapes from agile startups to multinational corporations.  I bring these insights to bear to help you reach your professional aspirations.

Personal Reinvention: My journey from high school dropout to senior corporate executive and now pioneering entrepreneur embodies the spirit of a Life Warrior. I continuously strive to grow and live an optimal life and bring this ethos into my coaching.




  • A deep dive exploration kick-off session to identify what success looks like and a plan to get you there.  We will explore your specific opportunities and challenges so that the coaching experience can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Weekly or fortnightly 1:1 coaching sessions held on Zoom, giving you frequent contact to keep you accountable and make progress.

  • Tools and resources will be provided during or shortly after each coaching session to help expand on concepts, embed new insights and support success.

  • In-between coaching help will be provided via WhatsApp for in the moment support when it matters the most.

  • Access to the latest research and science behind human performance, optimal experience and Flow.



Develop practices that not only boost your performance but also empower you to tackle challenges head-on.


I'm here to help you gain the attention and presence needed to turn your dreams into reality.


Let's fine-tune your personal and professional aspirations, creating a clear pathway to the future you desire.


Together, we'll identify and dismantle the barriers holding you back, paving the way for progress and growth.


Unlocking your full potential at work and in life.


Regularly experience the state of Flow, whether in demanding peak performance scenarios or in daily life, to enhance peace and happiness.


Greater awareness of yourself so you can find more meaning at work and in life.

Hi! I'm Alex.

A Growth Alchemist on a mission to help founders create purposeful and profitable businesses that positively impact the world.

I coach founders who recognise that their development must keep pace with the scaling efforts in their businesses.

I create a space for people to reflect on their reality, make sense of their challenges and unlock the confidence to lead themselves and their business to peak performance.

When you work with me, you get someone real, honest and who will positively disrupt you.

I will be a trusted guide by your side as you make the critical decisions on your founder journey that will set your business up for success.

Are you ready for you and your business to thrive?

It's time to unlock your true potential.

Let's get you started

"Alex, thank you so much for the way you've approached coaching and your support in helping me explore my work and leadership identity. I have appreciated your practical approach that is grounded in theory and wisdom and for which I know we have only just scratched the surface. You’ve made such a difference already, as I have put things into practice and will continue to do so. You have helped me grow."

Hi! I'm Alex.

Nicolle Fowler

Leader at Western Sydney Uni



Executives are 5x more productive in flow

McKinsey & Company


Increase in performance

Flow Centre


Increase in creative problem solving

University of Sydney


Increase in learning
and skill acquisition

United States Airforce

Feeling courageous and confident in the uncertainty 

If you are still here, I have a feeling you are in the right place.

As a fellow entrepreneur who has experienced the ups and downs of scaling a business, I understand your unique challenges as a founder.

The sleepless nights, the weight of responsibility, and the constant juggling act can be overwhelming.


I'm here to create the circuit breaker you need to escape self-doubt and stress.  We'll get you and your business thriving.

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